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Jan 07, 2011



Lockheed has one line of business, selling to the US government. Their CEO puts $34 million a year of your tax dollars into his bank account. The President of the US only gets $400,000/year. The Lockheed CEO makes almost 9 times more than the president, and makes in one day more than most American taxpayers make in a year. He siphons all of this money out of the US tax coffers, and yet his company does not have a single program that's on schedule or on budget. We would be better off to socialize our weapons builders. At least then we wouldn't have to pay the astronimical salaries of these so called private industry executives. No one who works for the government could command a $34 million/year salary, nor could they do any worse of a job for the US taxpayer who pays their salary.

Lockheed runs our government. They have people inserted in every part of our government. They provide spies, mercinaries, accountants, pilots, procurement officials, scientists, engineers, janitors, you name the position, they provide the help. The problem is, these people work for the US government, but they get their paycheck and their raise from Lockheed. So if they have some dirt on a politician, where is this information going to do them the most good financially? That's right, they pass it on to Lockheed. Lockheed snaps it's fingers and everyone in Washington jumps. But don't worry, I'm sure it's a situation that will fix itself.

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