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Jan 07, 2011


john mccarthy

The US State Department became an unwitting whistle blower in 2000 by unilaterally declassifying once top secret documents from National Security Council meetings of 1966 much to the chagrin and angst of the CIA and the Joint Chiefs of Staff.


The nexus to treason in wartime is located at:


john mccarthy
[email protected]

Carolyn Caffrey

If, as you report, the hold was the result of pressure from some House Republicans (and that pressure can be substantial), maybe we ought to offer the Senator enhanced whistleblower protection if he identifies the House members who pressured him/her and the substance of that pressure. Oh, that's right. We can't, can we?

J Evans

The death of this excellent whistle-blower-protection legislation proves to me that the repeal of the "Health Care" act is not going to happen. Republicans who say they want to repeal it, really don't, and there is no difference between Repubs and Democraps.

Lisa Pearl Black

This is totally unexceptable. Period. Who's running this damn ship?


I like POGO, but.... I think you made a mistake not getting to your real take on the whistleblower-bill/Wikileaks issue until the sixth paragraph, especially in light of the misleading headline. That is not good journalism.


I'm sorry to hear this, and I also agree with Tim; it's sad that this didn't make it to more news outlets. Thanks for all the good work you guys do at POGO!

Linda Horn

It would be best for "Senator Anonymous" to be up front with his or her reasons for doing this. Everyone knows the "secret" will eventually come out. Also, it would be good to know each senator's position on the tactic itself.

Blow the Whistle is asking folks to contact their senators, ask if they did it, and they'll post the responses.
I'm passing this around, and will call NM Senators Udall and Bingaman ASAP.

Thanks for all you do, and "Power to the people!"

Tim Strinden

Thanks for your detailed explanation of the process, which should have been front page news in the broader media. However, I didn't read it anywhere else. It' too bad that politics won out over the public good once again, especially after all the hard work by good government groups.

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