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Dec 01, 2010



The bottom line on government contracting should be, if you can't pay for an end product or result then the service should be performed by a government employee.

Observer V

While you insist on posturing govt labor as a zero-sum game, it idoes not have to be (1) if we finally get an agreeable, clear def. of inherently governmental; (2) both feds and contractors get meaningfully evaluated for effectiveness and efficiency--and pay the price of job loss when they do not deliver. The most compelling reason not to play zero-sum is that today the labor supply is the same or very similar for almost any govt or contractor position. It may not appear to cost the same, but if you do the long division, it is obvious that government labor is far more expensive--and you can't shed it when you don't need it.

Joe Dolittle

I can't keep up with all the POGO Blog posts today! Please spread them out so I can read them all.

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