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Dec 01, 2010


Research user

What is wrong with ghostwriting? Many researchers aren't good writers, many take too long to write up reports (it's that analytical mind and drive for precision). As long as they are doing the research and overseeing the writing, I think it's a win win situation for the researcher and reader - oh, it would save grant money too since reports would be produced more efficiently.

Pharma Rep

This is very exciting. I think it is ironic that the American Psychiatric Association put out a release condemning ghostwriting. Weren't they one of the three hired "ghostwriters" behind GSK's phantom group "Coalition for Social Anxiety Disorders" at the height of Paxil promotion?" The APA should keep very quiet about the whole thing and just throw Nemeroff and Schatzberg under the bus and save their own ghost-costumed behinds.

GSK's whole Paxil promotion line is nothing but a masquerade party. Ghostwritten articles, ghostwritten books, and ghostwritten groups...the scarier part is that "doctors" actually aided in this scheme. Doctors that get taxpayer money to put out "unbiased" research. It is a shame.


“Remarkably, the book remains quite accurate and relevant to clinical practice today,” [Nemeroff] said.

Perhaps he should send authors Diane Coniglio and Sally Laden some flowers.

Thanks for aiming your letter at the NIH/NIMH. The time for expose is over. It's time for action. An inordinant fraction of the money earmarked for medical research has been siphoned off by these guys in the corporate wars for market shares. These pseudoscientists have tainted medical academia and particularly academic Psychiatry long enough. Worst of all, they've actively corrupted medical practice.

Sarah Palin

Truly chair and co-chair of the Corrupt Bastards Club

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