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Nov 19, 2010



Give me a damn break! We set up a procurement system that primarily rewards contractors and military personnel for development programs that they can drag out to infinity, and then we are shocked when our military-industrial complex would rather develop an entirely new vehicle for our armed forces than they would sell us existing vehicles? Yeah, who could have possibly seen that one coming?

Why don't we fix the procurement system so it doesn't pay profit on development and also, therefore, does not develop huge procurement oversight bureacracies, then we won't need whistleblowers to let us know when our troops are being under served by their equipment? No, that would make too much sense. Let's not change anything, right. I mean, hell, what we have now is working so damn well. 25 years to design a fighter jet is perfectly reasonable. Don't change a damn thing.

Dr. Janet Parker DVM

Passage of the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act must be a priority for the lame duck session of Congress.

We are facing a looming crisis because we have not heeded the warnings from our federal whistleblowers. Right now we need to enact strong enact strong legislation to protect federal whistleblowers. Protecting whistleblowers is a reform that has strong bilateral support across ideological lines. Federal employees, the foot soldiers in the war on waste, fraud and abuse, need to get the protections they deserve. They must be able to fight back when they are fired, harassed or demoted in retaliation for their efforts to protect the public health and safety and taxpayer dollars.


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