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Nov 09, 2010



Not only are you not outraged, you are calling for more oversight of contractors, which means apparently you think having 85% of the military as non-combatants, most of whom are already useless accessories in expensive government building, is not enough. You seriously want to take that message to the American people? Yes, America, you are not taxed enough. You need to hire some more government drones to watch those you've already hired to watch those you've already hired, or those contractors are going to continue to rob you blind. That's what you want your message to be?

When are you going to wake up to the fact that there is an inherit conflict of interest in the way the government does business? Why is it such a mystery to you that when the government pays a contractor more to screw up and drag things out, the contractor will screw up and drag things out and no amount of oversight will stop that. In fact, having more bureaucrats to watch the contractor screw us only encourages them to screw us. The bureaucrats don't want to lose their jobs either, so the longer the contractor drags things out, the longer the bureaucrats have jobs, the more they encourage the contractor to screw up. So who are you doing the favor for?

Why not fix this problem at the source? Why not take the position that our federal government should reform the way it handles procurement? They didn't always do business the way they do today. They once, not so long ago, did business in a much more efficient way. They provided incentives for the contractors to perform better instead of worse, and when they couldn't provide that kind of incentive, they socialized the service.

Ooooh, there's that bad word, socialized. Yeah, it's really a bad thing. Remember when Werner Von Braun used to design rockets for NASA back in the 1960s when we COULD go to the Moon? Yeah, that was terrible. Back then the Navy designed its own ships too, and we had a Navy of about 1000 ships. Now we're lucky if we can keep 300 floating and many of those are such pieces of crap they can be sunk by a pirate skiff with a .50 caliber machine gun.

Come on, POGO. Wake up. It's time to fix the problems not throw more money at them.

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