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Nov 23, 2010



So less than $500 million was found in illegal defense misconduct when their budget is nearly $1 trillion, but POGO remains convinced that some "whistle-blower" somewhere somehow will give them the smoking gun that indicts all these defense contractors for all the money they've wasted over the last few decades? How incredibly ironic!

I tell you week after week what has gone wrong and why it is not illegal, but week after week I am ignored. I see it happen every day. I see taxpayer money wasted by the millions and billions, but what I tell you is not what you wanted to hear, so I'm not a "whistle-blower"? I don't deserve special accolades or court appointed payoffs?

Just a common sense person making common sense comments, who cares about that person? Now if only I had something that rated a DCMA investigation... Oh wait, DCMA is not going to investigate something that threatens their empire. What was I thinking? Seriously, you people are all too stupid to keep the money you earn. You deserve to have it taken from you buy crooked contractors and bureaucrats who have already manipulated the law to their own ends.

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