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Oct 19, 2010



I believe the Canadians have joined the Brits on this one though their initial acquisition quantity will be all of 1. Double impact fiscal prudence.

Jonathan Kiser


You are correct on this- the question remains- does America's inner government and the "military industrial complex" want superiority or are they afraid of offending or loosing the lockstep with their secret pals China/Russia or any other Nation that views Laissez Faire Capitalistic action as a threat to their "way of life"..aka...Power over their people..as opposed to real American policy that allows the people to be empowered and control the government for the good of all involved? This is just one example of the lobularity that is actually party of a planned agenda to further weaken and disposition America and the UK to become part of a One World Government where the Constitution is no longer valid and the UN Charter powers over all. It is really a matter of time..Obama and many of his predecessors sold us out a long time ago. It is all a charade...we went from a Cold War to a War Cold that is infectious and makes its viral contact to almost every area of the government. Imperialism is now the hidden backdrop of the uS under the mandates of the new House Daddy- the UN.


@ HRNTHNDLR Your idea is right on, that would work!

Henry J Cobb

Why not work in the cost of canceling the America class also?

Moving CVNs up to one every 3 years gives a final force of 16 of them. Use 6 for USMC aviation and 10 for USN. Use LCS or JHSV to carry cheap amphibious MRAPs and cancel the F-35B and EFV.

The result is a more capable and cheaper force that can deploy quicker and survives the loss of a single ship much better.


More smoke and mirrors from the military-industrial complex. I mean, seriously, the F-35 is built using the same processes and techniques as the F-22, but it has one fewer engine and a lot more sophisticated avionics. The F-22 costs $135 million per airplane. So reasonably, what do you expect the F-35 to cost? If you said $100 million per plane, you've got a brain. Congratulations. Is the lift fan version going to cost a little more? Sure. No surprise there, right?

If I had my way, the whole program would be killed except for the lift fan variant. It's the only airplane that has a capability which makes it worth building. It's sad the Brits are cancelling the only version of that airplane they should have bought. They can only blame their own stupidity for that decision. I hope they enjoy their fleet of hangar queens. I guess Lockheed forgot to tell the Brits their company motto: You can buy better, but you just can't pay more.


Wow, maybe the US will make the entire lift system in the US to drive the cost down.

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