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Oct 13, 2010


Synonymous Anonymous

Nice job on the BLM letter. I liked the docs you guys dug up through FOIA. Vintage POGO! BLM ignored the Henke problem for 30 days after a guy who oversees $1 billion in oil and gas production admitted to lying on his ethics forms, accepting thousands of dollars in gifts from energy companies, and misusing $1,000 in federal cash so he could go see the PGA. Keep up the heat. Salazar can talk about being the "new sheriff" all he likes, but situations like this show that is BS. Anyway, great work.

Nick Schwellenbach

Hey Rick,

Do you have any tips on what we could FOIA?


Redrock Rick

This is outrageous. I know BLM employees who have been suspended without pay or threatened with other disciplinary action for simply sending internal E-mails that raised questions about the legal propriety or scientific adequacy of decisions or actions by BLM managers. This is part of the unwritten but well-known management "culture of secrecy" in some BLM offices whereby employees learn that they should not put anything in writing that might eventually be disclosed through a FOIA request or litigation discovery that could prove embarrassing for managers. BLM employees in key legal compliance and scientific roles may well be seriously compromised by this fundamental "catch 22" that they may be disciplined for simply trying to do their jobs by documenting their concerns and recommendations. Meanwhile, despite reports of his egregious financial conflicts of interest and ethical problems, Mr. Henke from NM BLM apparently got a free pass. It is no wonder that ethical BLM employees who want to do the right thing are so demoralized. BLM Director Bob Abbey tells his employees that he wants to make BLM the "premier" land management agency. Sadly, he is either clueless or disingenuous.


We need to face the fact that the WH would be too embarrassed to can Salazaar without a very long decent interval between his bungling of the reorg of BLM, followed by the Deepwater Horizon disaster, and the currently-being-botched reorg/renaming of BLM under the competent Bromwich.

Ken S. is just a pol, and not a very skilled one. But the WH just can't stand the heat from its just barely-better-than-Katrina handling of the recent disaster.

Dennis Willis

Pretty amazing. A few years ago, I was required by the BLM to resign from the board of a non-profit because of a conflict of interest, even though the organization had no finanicial dealings with BLM. Another employee was found to have a conflict of interest for mere membership in that organization and barred from doing work in his profession because of it. Guess if we had figured out a way to actually cash in, it would have been OK.

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