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Sep 17, 2010


Laura X

2nd post.
One can list cases against corporations where they had to "pay" all day long. I look at them and say "chump change" Millions of dollars are nothing to companies worth billions (that we know of anyway).
Xe (Blackwater) was mentioned as not having exhausted all of its appeals.
Currently, any prosecution of contractors with Xe is basically dead. The owner moved to Dubai in August of 2010. The reason? He had to get away for awhile.
The others that were being prosecuted for felony crimes? As time passed I said to myself. Gosh.. this reminds me Iran Contra! And sure enough. Just let time pass.. information gets lost.. things get a bit muddled. But, the FACT that the contract dollars to Blackwater/Xe came from the State Department and NOT the DOD, makes these murderers, above prosecution.
Contractors must be held accountable. It will not happen though as most if not all of the members of the House and Senate are stockholders with the various companies and their subcontractors.. enjoying inflated rates of return as they did when Bush pretended to be president.

Laura X

Just another layer upon layers. Remember, the individuals that are hired as contractors must get a security clearance which, is just under the highest classification. They receive a red passport and travel with credentials equal to a Major rank in the military.
It is common knowledge that most anyone can get a security clearance as long as their current credit status is good. The main concern is that individuals are more suspect-able to bribery if they have personal debt. The decision making committee for clearance appeals is available to the public.
Afghan President Hamid Karzai has been called a "crook" and reportedly receives millions from Iran as well as what Karzai stated were "bags of money" from the U.S. Yet, I feel he was justified in stating that the U.S. Contractors were the "crooks" and that once they were exposed and prosecuted, then fine.. go after him.
I couldn't agree more. The billions that are not accounted for with U.S. Contractors alone should be the main focus before looking at the present administration! Or, are the people that are so intent on prosecuting the President afraid to?
I think that if the billions of unaccounted funds were repaid, that our debt would be drastically reduced.
I use KBR (part of Haliburton now conveniently defunct)KBR or "Kick Back and Relax" as it was called, was the company responsible for the electrocution of U.S. Armed Forces Personnel due to faulty/exposed wiring in showers in Iraq. Not to mention the billions of unaccounted for dollars.
Yet, just dissolve this company and continue.
Heck. I've never been a math person. Yet, when reviewing General Dynamics Annual report in 2007/2008, it was obvious that half of the contract dollars were NOT used, rather placed into the "general fund".

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