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Sep 21, 2010


Roger T. Hat

No, I do not believe that misconduct is limited to only top-level managers. While there may be good and honest managers in FAA HQ legal, the problem with people like MacPherson could be garden-variety incompetence. Just because she and one of her supervisors are asses does not necessarily translate into misconduct. You need a very "sexy" case of misconduct, and possibly a cover-up, in order for the larger media community to keep an interest in your cause. Good luck dude.


Roger, respectfully, I think you're passing judgment without knowing all the facts. I don't call out any staff-level peers, and whether it's a waste of time or a personal vendetta is subject to interpretation. Which leads me to ask: why is criticism against government employees, who are in a position to affect the public, somehow out of bounds? You acknowledged that FAA legal is badly run. Do you think the misconduct is limited to top-level management only?

Roger T. Hat

To clarify my earlier comment, FAA legal management should be targeted, not staff-level peers. Blowing the whistle on wrongdoing is a noble cause, but a personal vendetta agaianst people who are asses is a waste of time and energy.

Roger T. Hat

A closer look at Pardo's webpage reveals attacks on peers and managers in the FAA legal office. I have heard that the FAA legal office is very poorly managed at the top, but attacking (former) colleagues is a bit beyond the pale.


paul i think this guy knows about it already

Paul W.

He needs to Google the name "Clay Foushee". Clay use to work for Congressman Obestar, but now is in charge of an internal FAA oversight team. This team has recently been created.

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