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Sep 29, 2010



Bogus. We trust these officers w/ automatic weapons, top secret clearances, and they protect our nations most deadly materials, but we're afraid of them being at the airport with guns. what nonsense. There are also some misleading info in this article. Although they are private contractors, they are trained and certified to stringent US DOE standards, and when on duty at the lab, they have federal arrest authority under the Atomic Energy Act. But they were not conducting any Law Enforcement action at the airport so it really is not even an issue. Also, there are very specific guidelines for these posts and patrols, so if they left the lab, Im assuming they were extras on shift that day, or something similar, like a patrol with a long response time. Stop trying to tie their hands and let them do their job.


What nonsense. This is news? No names, no badges, no response from the Laboratory? Just throw stuff at the wall and see what sticks. This is how low POGO is stooping?


It should also be noted that LLNL’s Special Response Team (SRT) took first place in the recent Connecticut SWAT Challenge, the nation’s second largest SWAT competition.

The 2010 edition of the three-day special weapons and tactics (SWAT) competition, held near the capitol of Hartford, drew 40 teams and 1,000 officers from across the country, according to the Hartford Courant newspaper. Challenge events included a hostage rescue, vehicle assault, handgun and rifle marksmanship, obstacle course and a 4.8-mile physical challenge marathon for each team. LLNL earned top scores in five of the seven events.

Organizers of the Connecticut SWAT Challenge (CSC) were impressed and summarized LLNL’s performance on their Website with: “The teams’ shooting proficiency and cohesiveness was nothing short of outstanding…They won four team events and tore apart the shooting courses. More importantly, they displayed the team spirit and brotherhood that made them a lot of fun to train with. A humble group, the LL team showed that we can all learn from each other and that each of the teams competing in the CSC has a different and unique arena in which they perform.”

LLNL’s SRT took first place in a: hostage rescue; six-man assault; multi-gun challenge; handgun challenge; and mystery challenge (a set of criteria provided immediately before the event). In addition, the team placed second in the sniper competition. In individual categories, LLNL Officers were the first and third place winners in the “top cop” competition, in a field of 380 officers. Trophies awarded the LLNL SRT included Top First Year Team, Top Out of State Team and overall Connecticut SWAT Challenge Champions.

The LLNL’s SRT has consistently placed in the top tier of security team competitions and exercises over the last few years. In July, the SRT placed fourth in a competition of DOE and NNSA security teams, hosted by Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Top teams from Canada also competed in the “Shootout in the Smokies.” Last summer, the Lab team finished second and third respectively in the U.S. National SWAT Championship competitions in Colorado and Tulsa, Okla. These competitions included some of the best teams from around the world. They also took first place in the “Best in the West” marksmanship competition at the Santa Clara firing range last September.

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