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Sep 16, 2010



Former Director, Kathleen Watson, has resurfaced, sort of. Yes, she apparently has landed in the employ of a large Defense Contrator, moving directly from Defense Security Service to this contractor, defying all laws and policies barring such actions. More revolving door action. Apparently those rules do not apply to people high in rank, or at least they do not perceive the rules apply to themselves. I guess only the little people out doing field work have to worry about adhering to oaths taken and required following of U.S. law and governmental policies designed to try to prevent certain types of corruption and criminal behavior.

G. Ernest Govea, CPP

It is very disappointing to see Ms. Watson leave DSS. After 7 years without a permanent director, Ms. Watson stepped in and made broad strategic and tactical improvements to DSS. She made improvements where they need to be made, in counterintelligence.

During those 7 years I saw morale decline in DSS and I fear the same will happen again if the absence of a permanent director is prolonged.

Nonetheless, I wish Ms. Watson great success and feel fully confident that is exactly what she will enjoy.

G. Ernest Govea, CPP

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