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Sep 14, 2010



DOD/IG is doing what it does well, protecting the incompetent political hacks just as their office of civilian reprisals sides against those who raised the "Red Flags", the Whistleblowers who were looking out for the governments best interest.


Great blog! It is not unusual for the DoD IG's findings to be very thin in support. It happens all the time and is especially true of the IG's findings related to DCAA. We press and press for supporting evidential matter and often times the results are based on "judgement" and no real evidence. It is almost of though the IG believes they are above supporting their findings. Meantime, DCAA is spending a large precentage of each audit on documentation. More time is spent documenting findings for the GAO and IG, not the contracting officer. It is a huge waste of money for DCAA to create perfect working papers, but that is what Director Fitzgerald wants. Just as the IG lost its way, so has DCAA. Someone needs to get the GAO, DoD IG and DCAA together and say, bury the hatchet and let's get serious about oversight. Which Agency is going to do what and let's do it. Because in the end, the only winners are the contractors.

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