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Aug 06, 2010



Welcome to the Penatgon where contractors run the operations. Of course the Air Force would lift the suspension when it needed L-3. The Pentagon would rather suspend and debar the small contractors that do not have lobbyists on the Hill and do not contribute to political campaigns. I have been in various meetings with high level AT&L officials as well as generals of various stars. When fraud or misconduct is discussed, the action is to meet with the contractors and tell them not to do it again all the while awarding more contracts. Take the top 10 defense contractors and I bet that sometime in the last year there has been a fraud referral and/or report of serious misconduct at one or more of its locations. Guess what, are any suspensed or debarred, no way. Too much money and power is involved to take on the big guns. Just ask the prior Director of DCAA. She took them on and where did the Pentagon reassign her? Nowhere near contractors.

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