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Aug 23, 2010



I have been looking into these platforms for some time. In international waters one could concievably claim an abaondoned oil platform and live there. Our survival group is looking into one as a base. Right now we are planning on boats, but a semi permanent base is always a good idea. I have seen posts by people that have worked on the platforms and others who think that they know what they are talking about. They try to say that it would be impossible, but they do not have our determination. Check out the website at www.2012survivalassociation.net


i want one! wonder if i can just find an abandoned one and set up shop?


There is also a huge abandonment problem onshore, including on land managed by Interior's Bureau of Land Management.

Mark Smith

Does this really surprise anyone?
This government has become a self sustaining organism, no one is at the controls.
Every attempt to render assistance that the gov.has made in the last 12 years has been nothing but a failure or harmful to its citizens.
They could not get water to New Orleans when needed , do we actually think they can handle a major disaster like the Gulf Oil Spill? They are just as guilty as BP, in their negligence.
Only till after the oil has killed all sorts of wildlife and ruined the La. economy , did anyone notice that BP had copy/pasted its leak/disaster plan from a preexisting plan from Alaska.
I've been to La. quite a few times and have never seen a polar bear there.

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