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Jul 16, 2010


Account Deleted

Why she had to get up here. We need something that such events can not occur. Law must be very harsh and for such crimes must be paid with their lives. Otherwise I will not repeat that these ecosystems support it. However golf is all destroyed. We have destroyed the environment we live. What next?auto dealersauto parts

Mandy Smithberger

For what it's worth, a couple of the comments on the Farmington Daily Times's site:

He's been working for them for years, now it is official. It would be nice to know what the BLM inspector general found during his investigation of Henke's time at the agency.

From BLM (protecting the land & environment) to NMOGA (destroying the land & environment)...hmmm, brings up a few questions or maybe answers a few questions regarding O&G butchering compliances in the San Juan Basin.

Ha, working for NMOGA will be just like his last position at BLM working for the natural gas industry. Yeah, why did he resign from BLM?

This guy was asked to resign from the BLM, i wonder why ?

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