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Jun 09, 2010


John M. Nardo MD

Dr. Charles Nemeroff assaulted those of us around the Department at Emory with his 'Drug Culture' and unethical career for two decades. Now, the director of the NIMH has aided him in moving on to another unsuspecting pasture - Miami. In 2008, Dr. Bernie Carroll famously said, "... Dr. Nemeroff is so compromised by now that he has lost effectiveness as a front man for Pharma. Indeed, he is so toxic that he now glows in the dark." But Dr. Nemeroff is attempting to rise from the ashes. Charlie Nemeroff is no Phoenix, that is assured. Let's hope that the current brouhaha is enough to spare Miami what Nemeroff put us through here in Atlanta.

Bob Olcott

It's no wonder our "mental health" system is a disaster.
We just had a local (Dartmouth) psychiatric researcher-who was recently "acquitted" in Federal Court, of ethics/misappropriation of funds, ask for his old job back, at the Veterans Administration in White River Junction, Vt., and that matter is still "pending". I applaud Senator Grassley for his continued efforts, on behalf of all taxpayers, and POGO for their well needed vigilance!

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