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May 11, 2010



What about POGO advocating that MMS become more like the IRS --- with its own criminal investigations division? That would give it law enforcement authority to refer cases to US Attorneys offices, and change its mentality from one of regulation to one of real enforcement.


Dear Observer III. The problem at MMS and maybe the problem at other agencies is that you won't get strong enforcement without independence. The fixing of the problems at Interior is not any more single shot than it is with financial regulation reform.

Gee...finally ... it takes a crisis for Interior to grow up and understand the rudiments of bureaucratic conflicts of interest. May I say you heard it hear first.... Yeah, you did

Observer  III

Organizational design and firewalls to insulate Sally from Jimmy or Jimmy from Sally only go so far in achieving better, honest, good-for-taxpayer performance. What is more compelling and will get the attention of the oil companies is some real enforcement of existing policies and regs. Fix the shenanigans and pricing on the leases; they are well known. Collect every damn dollar that is due, and act with some energy and attention as the steward MMS is supposed to be. And change some people--not just politicals; try firing some of the career people who are compromised by conflict, slothfulness, or whatever ails them in the workplace. The Obama people seem spineless in this and many other areas.

SoCal Contractor

No. The effectiveness of DCAA was not "undermined" because of their reliance on DCMA. Quite the contrary, in fact. DCMA's effectiveness has been undermined because they must rely on poor quality DCAA audit reports.

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