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May 13, 2010


Mitcheal Nelson

Our government just took a huge step in stealing your life, liberty and freedoms. The House and Senate have just passed a Bill to detain U.S. citizens indefinitely without charging you or let you see an attorney, by using the 'war on terror'. This Bill was put forward by John McCain and is worse than the 'Patriot Act'. Both the House and Senate by very big numbers on both sides Democrat and Republican, you can not trust these bureaucrats in D.C. It's a police state we're heading for. This President has already killed American citizens in the name on terror, without 'due process', which is unconstitutional. We can not continue to let this government run roughshod over us, as if our individual rights don't matter!!

Charlotte Yee

Mr. Darryl,

A key component of statistical literacy is one's ability to comprehend written analysis. If you look at the quote, it reads, "Franklin Kang in FY 2008 found for the appellant (federal employee) a whopping zero times out of 68." It does NOT read, . . .68 rulings against employees."

Therein, perhaps it may be time to fine tune your special detector, or turn it in for a newer model.

Doktor Darryl

Maybe Judge Kang's bull shit detector went off much like mine did with the allegation of 68 rulings against employees. here are the numbers.

Kang, Franklin M.
Dismissed With Prejudice 32 47.1%
Dismissed Without Prejudice 10 14.7%
For Agency 16 23.5%
For Employee Appellant 0.0%
Settled 10 14.7%

Not sure how dimissed without prejudice or settled equate to a ruling against the employee.

Given the burden of proof is on the employee and most of these cases were not whistle blower protection cases your logic does not stand the test of factual accuracy.

But when did honesty ever get in the way of pushing one's agenda.

National Whistleblower Allen Carlton

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