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Apr 29, 2010


Stupak is a dem

Nuff said


So much for the "Civilised" Western world! lmao - nothing but a buncha carpet baggers!!!

nader paul kucinich gravel mckinney

One can tell Chris Oynes is a hard working government servant.

Phil Werntz

I'm with you, Lesley Palmer. I am just damned sick and tired of hearing the one and only excuse over and over again.. ..."Mistakes were made, etc...." It is HIGH time any and all of these people do some HARD TIME in some damned MEAN prisons !!

Siberia Bill

Anadarko is a minor partner with BP in the blowout well

Lesley Palmer

The MMS clowns who ran the regulatory agency should be fired. This is leftover stuff from Bush and Cheney. George, I don't know if your post is satire or not. Oil companies...Let me see....BP will NOT be paying for this cleanup...You and I will...they will employ their sleazy corporate lawyers to find ways to weasel out of everything they can...and they will do it with more urgency than their "response" to the spill.

George Griffin

I think we have come up with a way to help clean up the oil in the ocean if we can get someone to contact us.

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