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Apr 19, 2010



you should find out about the fraud between regulators and JP Morgan, it seems they give all the WMI information to them and when they should buy the WMI. why don't the government investigate and examine JP Morgan to find out more about how they have bought it so soon, who was behind of this transaction, why the regulators did not advise to sell the 8$ per share to the JP Morgan in June ,if they knew the bank would have insufficient deposit to do the transactions . how do they let withdrew of 16 billion happens in September 2008 during 8 days.


I agree with the comment above... Why arent you asking yourself which were the reasons for this way of acting??? The FDIC did very strange things and JPM is after the crisis the most powerful bank in USA. WHY??? EASY TO KNOW, JUST THINK HONESTLY.

L Aris

Its interest how you people lay blame on one entity(OTS) and forget the other culprit (FDIC). It appears that the FDIC was in such a hurry to sell Wamu that no others were invited in the bidding. Why is that and why can't you people (journalist) see this?

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