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Mar 24, 2010


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Nice and excellent information about the insourcing if it is less expensive and adequately effective.the Air Force decided to withdraw its insourcing plan and extend Rohmann’s contract.The services at issue in this case are about as far from an inherently governmental function as you can get, which was probably why Air Force decided not to fight it.I think and contractors will still feel emboldened by Rohmann’s example.


Neil, you're the one who radiates gloating on this, and you don't home in on the FUBAR'd AF procedures. Note that OMB policy is not to force agencies to "insource" functions like AV, but to consider insourcing if it is less expensive and adequately effective. So, my friend, rigging the cost estimate and getting caught makes you look stupid. Ah, but it's like an FCA settlement--the AF neither admits nor denies wrongdoing, so let's not be too judgmental. The AF remains the top air combat force in the world--and one of the most hapless bunch of people when it comes to acquisitions, big or small. Bet you miss A-76 and its cost-rigging regs that favored the government and the unions.

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