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Feb 24, 2010


John Farmer

Fact one, ‘King Coal’ kills over 25,000 Americans a year due to particulate pollution alone.-US EPA.

I would like to ask all the anti nukes who were against Vermont Yankees licenses renewal just how many Americans do they think they will be responsible for killing after Yankee closes down? There is no way the anti nukes can shirk their impending responsibility for the eventual death of hundreds if not thousands of American citizens. Fact two, once Vermont Yankee closes the Northeastern United States will rely more on ‘King Coal’ to produce its electricity.

With the closure of Vermont Yankee it will be impossible to reach the zero emission carbon levels that we need to achieve in the Northeast. In fact due to alternative energies expense and unreliability it is in all likelihood we will not be able to reach the low carbon levels that the Northeast currently achieves when Yankee is in operation. Yes the statuesque will change with the closure of Vermont Yankee. Unfortunately come the fall equinox of 2012 it will change for the worse.

Once again I ask the planet killing anti nukes to come out and take responsibility for future deaths that will be caused due to the closer of Vermont Yankee.

I would laugh about the insanity of it all if I were not already crying,


Greg Williams

Glad to hear Vermont is taking this seriously.

I'm also glad POGO has stuck with nuclear safety issues over the years, now that Obama is promoting new nuclear power plants. I'm sorely disappointed that he's done so without first dealing with enduring morasses at Yucca Mountain and Hanford.

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