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Feb 25, 2010


Scott Amey


I'm gonna say what every reader is thinking -- show POGO the money! If you have something on the C-130 AMP that POGO should review or investigate, PLEASE bring it to our attention. PLEASE visit POGO so that we can discuss the issue in greater detail than this blog permits.

Maybe POGO was silent because we didn't have a source on the issue or possibly we didn't have government records (that weren't widely reported)that evidence all the alleged fraud that you discuss. POGO isn't the IG, DCAA, DCMA, SASC, HASC, etc.

PLEASE assist us, rather than condemn us!


Funny that POGO finds the time to mention a case brought against the C-5 AMP program, but ignores and even verbally rewards the C-130 AMP program where significant fraud had already been found. You remember the C-130 AMP, POGO's darling program that was sooooo much better than the C-130J model airplane Lockheed Martin spent it's own money upgrading with new avionics and engines.

Of course, the C-130 AMP started out a $4 billion dollar, 3 year program with $1 billion being allocated for development of the avionics only modifications. This would be the same amount of Lockheed's own money they spent on avionics and engine modifications for the J model of the C-130. This $1 billion blossomed into a $15 billion, 10 year development program due to Boeing's incompetence. Finally, not a year ago, the program was cancelled after Boeing had taken home $150 million in profits and had delivered not a single operational airplane.

What was POGO's response to this waste, fraud, and abuse perpetrated with the taxpayer's money? S I L E N C E ! POGO is as much a part of what is wrong as the government contractors. They are the white wash. They are the ones who tell you to look over there while your bank account is being pillaged. Funny you'd have the guts to bring up anything related to Darlene, POGO.

Neil Gordon


KBR just disclosed that the Army notified the company that it will not receive any award fees for LOGCAPIII task orders 139 and 151 for the period January 1, 2008 through April 30, 2008. KBR estimates it had accrued approximately $20 million in award fees during that period. (Some sources put that figure near $25M.)

According to the AP, the Army Sustainment Command told them KBR “failed to meet a level deserving of an award fee payment for work it did during the first four months of 2008.” That was when all those soldiers were being electrocuted while taking showers in KBR-managed facilities.

KBR also says it expects to lose an additional $112 million in award fees for the rest of 2008, although they don't say why.

So the system works -- sometimes.

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