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Feb 02, 2010


Project On Government Oversight

a comment, fyi


John Fleck just wrote saying:

It ran on the front page of all editions. On line, linked off the Journal home page:



Excellent. I suspect POGO staff knows this, but your readers may want some NM sites that track LANL and CMRR closely:

www.nukewatch.org and www.lasg.org

Nuke Watch's Jay Coghlan was on Democracy Now today (Feb 2) and the 10 min clip is here:


John Fleck wrote an excellent piece for the ABQ Journal which quoted Greg Mello of the Los Alamos Study Group, but so far the story has only appeared in the North (Los Alamos) section, and not online or in the greater metropolitan area. One could contact him directly at:

[email protected]

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