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Feb 16, 2010



It is quite amazing the lies that have been posted on this site. I am no other than a true advocate of full and open competition, and have been for 30 years of my career. I have not written on this site in the past, however, now that I am retired, I will say my piece. Mr. Barnes stated he could bid on this former requirement? DLA sought sources via a public Sources Sought, and also had boots on the ground seeking capabilities/sources in the region. No word from Mr. Barnes's company, until we proceeded with a Sole Source J&A that was FULLY made public through the Federal Business Opportunity site. His company held up the procurement by stating that they could bid. We took several weeks to assess whether they could provide this support. We made an assessment that they could. HOWEVER, when the delayed solicitation closed, THEY NEVER BID. Just another ploy to delay critical requirements. Mr. Barnes, you are a major nuisance, and a poor business professional. Grow up and be a leader not a liar.


So sorry to hear about this sad news. My deepest condolences to the family of U.S. Lt. Col. Dominic Baragona.

Keven L. Barnes

Although the 2 Congressmen did talk about this, our company Latvian Connection LLC wrote to the DLA and asked where is there Justification and Approval to give KGL a Single Sole Source 2 days after canceling a 14 month long solicitation with 36 bidders for a 1-year with 5 (1) year options.

They had no answer. Our company proved we could compete this contract. The Canceled contract was for 1.5 million square feet indoor storage space and 2 million square feet outdoor space. The KGL Single Sole Source was going to be for 1/2 the space requirement (700,000 sq ft indoor and 800,000 ft outdoor)

DLA doesn't conduct fair and open competition and always trying to go against the Federal Acquisition Regulations.

Give credit where credit is due. What would the 2 contracting officers have to gain by issuing a Single Sole Source. Those 2 Contracting Officers are Shane Crusey and Medard Kowalski. Their Branch Chief, Renee Cairo-Iocco finally saw the light and issued Latvian Connection LLC a Request for Information. We answered it and KGLs Single Sole Source was canceled.

However, in the spirit of being sore losers, DLA issued a solicitation that is only 1 year with 3 (1) year options and there is no 5% award fee. That doesn't leave room for capital improvements.

There you have it. If reporters want supporting documentation of the emails that ended the Single Sole Source, they just need to write me at [email protected]


Mr Rahija

You used the term "tragic traffic accident' that killed U.S. Lt. Col. Dominic Baragona.
Indeed it was an ACCIDENT. Like the many Asian drivers who also die in tragic traffic accidents, normally when they are pushed to fast too close by the US Military whilst in convoy. Are the US Army going to also be held accountable or are Asians not worth 5,000000 USD each.

Richard Ellis

From what you say Dfens, they are damned when they pay and damned when they don't. from what you say KGL should have left the 7 WILLING employees to Rot in IRAQ..........
Is that because they were not US citizens...Maybe had they been US citizens, you may not be so critical of the Ransom that was paid to save NON US citizens lives...
Or is it some personal grudge you have against KGL that makes you write without clear substance and factual evidence...
Let us also talk about the amount of Asian drivers who have died because the US Army force them to drive to fast too close when in convoy and talk to the drivers like they are dirt on the ground.I know the most common phrase used by the Army when addressing the drives is mother F----- rather than Mr.
Is the US Government going to pay an equal amount in compenstaion for all of those dead drivers who have died in nose to tail collisions caused by the US Army, or are we saying an Asian driver is worth LESS than a US soldier.


Bad POGO! Why are you being mean to such a nice company like KGR?

Over the past six-plus years, we have learned of other very disturbing facts about KGL:

– In 2004, while Americans and other Westerners were being beheaded in Iraq by Sunni terrorists, KGL paid one group $500,000 ransom to release 7 kidnapped employees working in Iraq on contracts for the U.S. and United Nations (see attached story). In other words, KGL received our tax dollars through contracts and gave it to Sunni terrorists, who no doubt used it to finance more terrorist attacks against our men and women in Iraq.

– The Government of India banned KGL from operating in India after KGL lied to Indian nationals by saying they were being recruited to work in Kuwait but then forced them to work in the extremely dangerous conditions that prevailed in Iraq. Similar reports of human trafficking by KGL emerged in the Philippines and were investigated by the Philippine Senate.

The Army has not been blind to KGL’s improprieties but seems willing to overlook them, because KGL is still a defense contractor and is being considered for a new 10-year, multi-billion contract to 3 feed our troops in the region. In 2006 and again in 2008, the Army sent letters to KGL demanding more information as part of an investigation into debarring KGL from future contracts. KGL responded to the 2006 letter by hiring retired General Richard Bednar, a former U.S. Army debarment official, who held off-the-record conversations with the debarment office, and that debarment inquiry ended. We do not know how KGL responded to the Army’s 2008 letter, but we do know that KGL is still in the running for the 10-year, multi-billion contract. We consider KGL to be a dirty company and unworthy of any contract for the care and feeding of our soldiers. What happens the next time that KGL kills or injures one of our soldiers? The family will have no recourse. - http://hsgac.senate.gov/public/index.cfm?FuseAction=Files.View&FileStore_id=f9bcc18f-d12e-4c34-8df6-88f1a5b4fff4

Is there anyone who doesn't work for KGR or the Republican party that wants to weigh in on these jerks?

Richard Ellis

For some time Indian Drivers were banned from entering
Iraq by the Indian Government but due to the financial benifits the drivers were more than willing to go. Some got captured and KGL paid a huge ransom to get them out safely, however when they returned home they lied and told the press they were forced by KGL to go to Iraq.
May I suggest prior to posting "Get your facts right" I know the facts...I was there......


Mr. Rahija,

I find it interesting that you call for others to be held accountable for their actions, yet you find no issue with misleading your readers with nothing but your own interpretation of events rather than investigating the facts. Where, sir, is your own accountability? I have no issues with exposing fraud and corruption, and since this is your organizations "stated" objective, I applaud your efforts to do so. As a taxpayer, I encourage the work you and your organization espouse to conduct. However, it should also be done responsibly, and without the hostility and subjectivity you foment in your current "article". I know, I know, you're a blogger and not a journalist, and aren't held to those cumbersome standards of truth, facts and ethics. Tell me, Mr. Rahija, why you think your right to freedom of speech and to spew this kind of innacuracy, in an attempt to demonize a company that you know nothing about, any different than a company pursuing its rights under US Law to have its position heard and tried properly in a US Court? Just because you and your ilk don't like the outcome doesn't mean the law wasn't followed or that the company did anything wrong. After reading your article, I would recommend you find an adult male, conservative role model, tell him what you've done and the "inaccuracies" you have published (and if this is an example of your work, I'm sure you'll have much to confess), and expect a long overdue trip to the woodshed that you were probably missing during your formative years. Because after all, it isn't nice to lie...


Hey Bryan Rahija, this is what responsible journalism looks like:


Go back to school!


Interesting how the author, Bryan Rahija, leaves out several critical facts and then posts glaring inaccuracies. Here the are some facts:

1) The tragic accident that occured was due to an obstruction in the roadway, not driver fault.
2) KGL initially attempted to settle with the Baragona family, but the Baragona's believed they deserved more (their right)
3) KGL was working on a UN World Food Program contract outside the US, therefore not falling under US jurisdiction.
4) When the Baragona family approached the UN to pursue a case, the UN rejected the case.
5) Then, when the Baragona family pursued it in US courts, the US Court found that the the US didn't have jurisdiction.
6) This court decision was upheld by the Appellate Court as well.

7) KGL has never been banned from doing business and/or recruting in India, for any reason.
8) The US Government investigated claims from a few disgruntled former KGL employees and found them all to be without merit

Mr. Rahija please research your articles before posting falsehoods. Professional journalism is not your strong suit.

Dave - Phoenix

The difference is that KGL is a private company, performing a gov't contract. This is no different than if the US gov't contracted Swift trucking, Roadway or Consolidated Freight.

If a CF, Roadway or Swift truck killed somone in an accident, even if they were doing so while performing a gov't contract, you can bet the settlement would have occurred in 90 days or less.

Observer, Sr.

Am completely with you on odorous noncompetitive contracts and for investigating the alleged misbehaviors of many other types concerning KGL. But lets reflect on KGL being owner of, or even employing the driver of (unclear to me if that was the case), of a truck that killed the Lt. Colonel--for sure a terrible tragedy. How many people are killed by US Postal Service vehicles, US Army vehicles (in the US and overseas), and lets not forget in Washington, Metrobuses and Metro trains? Who is the owner: we the citizen-taxpayers, of course. Do you think the victims get swift justice and appropriate compensation and other redress lickety-split? Are the operators and their managers penalized and retrained, if appropriate? Not usually, from what the press, auditors, and good-government orgs can report, no matter how obvious the liability of the government-owned vehicle and its driver. I am not excusing the tragic death of Dominic Baragona by any means. But the opprobrium you are leveling at KGL is pretty low octane, given the standard behavior in such matters of government entities in our country. It's a shame, but that's the way it is.

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