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Feb 05, 2010



The tanker competition is going to continue to be a fight to the death because it literally may mean life or death to Airbus. The A380 was a huge mistake and the A400M, despite being a well turned out vehicle aerodynamically, continues to teeter on the brink of cancellation. Personally, I don't see how we can give this contract to Airbus even if they are going to open an ASSEMBLY ONLY plant in Alabama. Aircraft assembly jobs are not the jobs we're after. On the other hand, selecting Boeing who will turn around and outsource all their 767 parts production to the Communist Chinese is not a great option either.

If sane people in this country had their say in the matter, this would not be a tanker competition, but rather a competition to replace the aging B-52 bomber with a bomber/tanker. The B-52 is long past it's prime and should be replaced with something with at least a reduced signature and no stealth coatings or edges. Since the cargo density of bombs and jet fuel is about the same, such a vehicle could perform a dual role as a tanker too. In the tanker role it would make sense to provide some of those vehicles with full up stealth including edge treatments and coatings so that they couldn't be picked up as they refuel other stealth aircraft.

Instead we continue down the current road of stupidity, replacing an aircraft that was originally conceived as a way to subsidize Boeing's development of the 707 with taxpayer's dollars. Instead of learning from that fleecing, we continue to be fleeced rather than standing up to the insanity.

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