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Feb 02, 2010


Gary Kaasa

Ken Pedelous is a fraud. As an Electroplating Mechanic in 80s and 90s, I invented many laborsaving brush plating tools which saved thousands of man hours and many man years for US Navy at Charleston Naval Shipyard. Ken described my activities and inventions as he accurately recorded his obsevations of my inventions and received Engineer of the Year Award for publishining my accomplishments as his own. I am happy to speak these truths to highest court in the land & show proof of Ken Pedelouse fraud and dishonety.

Ken Pedeleose

DEFNS...If you believe what you say please sign your name to it. You use words like "idiots" and "Moron" and you do not even know me. Or do you know me and just too ashamed to sign your name. My name is Ken Pedeleose and I am a government whistleblower and proud of it.


Ken is full of crap, as usual. Contractors don't have to break any laws to make money. The way the laws are written, you pay us more to screw up and drag things out than you do if we meet all our initial program objectives. Why cheat when your customer is a pack of idiots (like Ken)? Way to blow the whistle, Ken. You've got us on the ropes, buddy. Moron.

Ken Pedeleose

My name is Ken Pedeleose and I am a whistleblower in the in the Department of Defense (DoD). That means I witness and report corruption in real time. I consider the following as a protected disclosure. I have to do things this way due to the collapse of government which has caused a spike in, and acceptance of, corruption. It is like an administrative riot where law is created on the spot by those in power. Regular reporting channels have failed. I have seen corruption practiced in plain sight with no shame. Deniability and causing confusion is the self antidote of any wrongdoer. At the present time I am witnessing and reporting contract fraud and I may as well be talking to myself. More specifically, Lockheed is giving the government outdated and inflated information from which to negotiate contracts while behind the scenes Lockheed is maintaining up to date and detailed information used in daily practice that can get the government lower prices. The specific violation of law involves the Truth in Negotiations Act (TINA). That law was developed to ensure the government and contractor have a level playing field when negotiating contracts. Good and reliable data is essential in negotiating fair and reasonable prices on contracts. If anyone wishes to discuss further please call me at 770-596-1222. It is unfortunate that I have to try and stop corruption by using a comment blog, however that is what we have reduced to. Thanks, Ken Pedeleose, Marietta, GA

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