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Feb 10, 2010



"What else would you like to see on the Open Government Websites?"
we'll never see what we want there!!


When it comes to that DoD example, I don't think this is really new data, it's just "remastered." I'm not positive, but I believe that DoD posted a 2007 FOIA backlog before this (available at http://www.dod.gov/pubs/foi/logs/FOIALog_FY07.pdf) that wasn't an xml file, but it was a searchable, downloadable pdf. It's also important to give credit to websites like governmentattic.org that have also published this kind of information, as can be seen here - http://www.governmentattic.org/docs/FOIA_Logs_DoD_Ofc-of-FOI_FY2006-07.pdf)

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