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Jan 21, 2010



Very interesting that Johan above has insight into the dealings of Messrs Wares and Painter with such accuracy, taken the words right out of my mouth. This is indeed the tip of the iceberg and expect many more indictments with partners and or associates of this duo, they got what was coming to them, greed yet again triumphs over common sense and intelligence.


Lee Wares and Painter were formerly the owners of SSS3 and sold out to the O'Gara Group now mostly owned by Wilfred (Bill) O’Gara based in Cincinnati.
Clients include US Army Corps of Engineers World Bank, Overseas Leasing Group and hundreds more in Afghanistan and Iraq. The are tied up with Russian owned Streit Manufacturing, armored vehicles, Dubai based with offices in Canada and S. Carolina.
More hookers and guest houses in Dubai than you can shake a stick at for US contracting officers.
Suprise surprise what do we see now, the Mushriqui Consulting L.L.C, like the O'Gara Group is also tied up with the Russian owned Streit Manufacturing armored vehicles, Dubai based with offices in Canada and S. Carolina.
The plot thickens!

This is the tip of the iceberg!


In my investigative experience, DoJ policy is to not name unindicted individuals or entities. Everyone is presumed innocent until proven otherwise. It was the individuals who were charged here. there may have been insufficient evidence of corporate knowledge or approval of their actions. The companies may be cooperting against their employees, in an effort to reamin in the government's good graces and off the Excluded Parties List.


Weisler and Sacks also own US Cavalry.


Patel is with Quartermaster's in the UK. Also look into US Cavalry and a slew of other companies for Geri.

SoCal Contractor

This is good work -- thanks. My question is, why does DOJ seem so reluctant to name corporate names? It's not just this press release; it's been a trend over the past year or so. DOJ used to be eager to point the finger, as if the public naming was part of the penalty. But no longer. What gives?


It looks like R. Patrick Caldwell, the CEO of Protective Products of America, was formerly a top secret service officer responsible for protecting former VP Cheney: http://www.politico.com/blogs/laurarozen/0110/22_indicted_in_FBI_bribe_sting.html#

Can't make this stuff up...

Bryan Rahija

Hey Mike, thanks for all the sleuthing!


Nevermind! Wrong Dawson Precision in Decatur (the one I found sells pumps and other equipment. Sorry, didn't mean to spread lies there.


There's no way that John Gregory Godsey, a/k/a Greg Godsey, 37, and Mark Frederick Morales, 37 work at Dawson Precision, is there? They are more competition oriented, as opposed to LEO/Military, but iShot seems to be similar...


Looks like Saul Mishkin works at Orkil International, LLC

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