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Jan 22, 2010



There should be NO individual or NGO who holds "consultative status", or any other "status" with ECOSOC, serving as Advisers to any member of our government. Encouraging or allowing this practice is undermining our national sovereignty by putting the ECOSOC/UN agenda between the Citizens and our legislators and government leaders.


I'm sympathetic to the alleged concerns of the Secretary. My experience with Advisory Committees is that the FACA provisions can be gamed. A "wide variety" of views can be had by picking people with different employment titles but similar ideologies. Or, for a more specific example, naming as a "public" representative, a retiree who spent his career as an industry advocate. Careful attention also has to be directed at the FACA charters, which can narrow eligibility by narrow "expertise" requirements. Also, in practice there is considerable pressure on FACA committees to produce consensus recommendations, rather than reports that outline a variety of approaches to a single problem -- they become Regulatory Negotiation committees rather than Advisory Committees. Finally, they are slow and become excuses for agencies not to act -- to await a committee recommendation; places where change goes to die.

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