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Dec 16, 2009



The F-22 took twice as long and cost twice as much to develop as the B-2 bomber, and the B-2 was the first of the 2nd generation stealth aircraft to go into production. The F-22 even cost twice per pound what the B-2 cost. Previous generation fighters, which are still bearing the brunt of the war effort in two theaters of battle, cost far less and took only 5 years or less to develop.

I worked on the F-22. I know why it cost so much and took so long to develop. I saw it first hand. The problem is, you payed us more to drag that program out and jack the cost throught the roof. It's that simple. If you would have paid us more to produce the fighter on time and on budget, we would have done that, but instead you rewarded us for incompetence and sloth, and you got plenty of that. Congratulations. Obviously you got what you wanted, or you wouldn't have paid us more for it. Now shut-up and quit whining.

Ken Pedeleose

The DoD specializes in circumventing law and in fact full time government attorneys are mobilized to protect DoD managers accused of wrongdoing. I have studied the process and have come to the conclusion that too many mistakes are not mistakes anymore. In fact, regarding the estimating process and cost proposal review, I can say that we are back to 1998 levels where DoD continues with contract data know to be outdated and overstated. It is not a matter of mistakes, it is a matter of having disregard for law and ethics and focusing time putting down and harassing whistleblowers who try and protect public interest.

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