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Nov 18, 2009



Not that POGO is interested in this, but GAO currently has right around 3000 employees. Attrition is currently
about 10% a year, with at least 330 people planning to leave in the next two years for sure (Based on a voluntary
survey of all GAO employees of which 2220 participated.)

Along with the other additional work GAO has been tasked with, with respect to the TARP, GAO is currently overwhelmed.

GAO's audits, controls, and processes mean that on average each report takes 9 months to complete. The TARP legislation asks for a 60 day turn around, which is really way too fast.

People are burning out, and I am not sure that asking GAO to audit the FED will do anything but overwhelm the system further.

One agency cannot be responsible for all of our good government. We need to either:
1. Expand GAO drastically,
2. Make the IG's more robust, and/or
3. Congress and the public will have to understand that GAO's work will not be as reliable as it has been in the

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