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Nov 20, 2009


John Galt

Well the TPTB got Grayson out of office, now they want to get rid of Paul. Col. West is a puppet of the RINOs!


It is not enough to "just" investigate. Upon investigation with findings of fraudulent acts, processes or policies, it is imperative that "criminal" action be taken. Not just fines, but indictments and trials with imprisonment as a consequence.

For the past 20 years white collar crimes are dealt with by fining, collecting the fines and putting into government coffers. These people are wealthy (done so as a result of their criminal actions) and the minute fines are are not even a penny on the dollar to them. I liken it to a man who robs a bank, takes a million, is caught, fined one hundred thousand dollars and gets to keep the balance.

Financial (corrupt) white collar crime is as bad as murder because it has literally killed people and families. This must be stopped. The only deterrent is prison.


Way to go!!!! Ron Paul and Alan Grayson for President and Vice President in new Teaparty Republican/Democrat party. No donkeys or elephants. We should have a Pit Bull for party mascot.

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