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Oct 15, 2009



The last time I read the US Constitution, the Legislative branch was charged with spending money, not the Executive branch. Funny how irrelevant that all seems now, isn't it? I find it equally funny how deeply troubled Gates is by the expenditure of $2.5 billion for which we will actually recieve 10 flyable C-17 aircraft, but he doesn't bat an eye when Boeing buys its way into the C-130 AMP contract via Darlene Druyun and then through incompetence and mismanagement they are able to get that contract cancelled before we get a single upgraded airplane. I guess if you spend $2.5 billion and actually get something for it then that's bad, but if you spend $1.5 billion and get nothing, then that's good? Of course, the only ones getting nothing are the US taxpayers. Boeing took home $150 million in profit. Their subcontractors took home millions more. They tied up thousands of engineers and skilled workers that could have been making real contributions to our economy for a decade, but who cares about that? Obviously not the US taxpayer, or they'd be pissed. Lucky Boeing, the US taxpayers are too stupid to care.

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