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Oct 26, 2009


Bryan Rahija

Hi Dfens,

Thank you for your comment--we are looking into this matter.

Bryan Rahija


Everyone in the industry knows F-35 will cost $100 million each and will have the same mission readiness rate as the F-22, < 70%, due to having the same coating technology. In fact, the F-35 relies on the coatings more than the F-22 does. The goal of the contractors involved in F-35 is to milk as much development funding out of the program as possible and then have the program cancelled with few if any airplanes bought. This is exactly what Boeing did with the late great C-130 AMP. The profit these companies make on development is free money. The only thing a contractor can possibly do to get more profit out of development is to do it so incompetently that funds have to be reallocated from production to development. As long as you taxpayers are stupid enough to let your tax dollars be spent on this scam, you deserve to have your money taken from you. Organizations such as POGO do nothing but provide cover for this scam, as can be seen from their non-response to the cancellation of C-130 AMP. Boeing squanders $1.5 billion and walks away with $150 million of pure profit on a program they bought by bribing a government official and no one has anything to say about it. But you want defense workers to put their careers on the line reporting waste, fraud, and abuse, right?

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