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Sep 22, 2009


gov worker

Another problem which is often ignored, is that DCMA cannot take strong action against a contractor without the PCO/Buying Command agreeing, and normally they do not agree. I worked one program a couple years ago in which DCMA wanted to issue a stop-work order, but the PCO and program office where I worked refused to concur.

Not a lawyer, but I stayed at a Holiday Inn last night

Prompt Payment info:

Bill Harshaw

Does the Prompt Payment Act, requiring that payments be issued or interest be paid on late payments, apply to payments to contractors?


Yeah, the problem is that there is a lack of oversight. It's clearly not that they pay contractors more to fail, screw up, and drag out contracts. It's that we don't have enough oversight. Hmm, maybe if they didn't pay contractors more to fail they wouldn't need more oversight? Do you think that might work? Nah. Clearly what we need is more oversight. That way the government can justify hiring more people which means more taxes but ultimately gives them more power. We all know that the government having more power is always the answer they like to hear, so there you go. We need more oversight.

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