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Jul 20, 2009


Danielle Brian

Dear Concerned:

You are right to keep an eye out for corruption in every quarter, but you need not worry on this occasion. TI paid for the expenses for the meeting, but we as individuals paid for our own expenses when we went out in the evening after the long days of meetings. I would encourage you to support TI-Latvia. I was very impressed with them.



I am trying to have an open mind concerning this get together in Prague.
IT's partner DELNA in Latvia operates on donations and pays its members a salary.
Was this an official meeting sponsored by IT or just a meeting by POGO in a social setting?
Nice pictures but a list of participants was not included or I could not find one.
Who paid for each individuals trip expenses?
Even organizations that operate under the umbrella of legitimacy are not always on the up and up.

Your response would be appreciated.

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