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Jul 31, 2009



Nice to see the Air Force is into FIST. Seems appropriate. Funny how they ignore the fact that they C-130J cost half of what the C-5M cost and took almost half as long to complete. Yet they neither recognize this fact, nor draw any conclusions from it. The C-130A took so little time to develop for the same reason the J model took less time and money than the C-5M to develop. That reason being the contractor risked their own money for the development of both the airplane and the J modification.

On the other hand, with the C-5M modification, which was the same kind of modifications to a cargo airplane, done in the same plant by many of the same people, the contractor had nothing at risk. The US taxpayer assumed all the risk and footed the bill for everything. It took twice the money and twice the time, and the US Air Force hides that fact from the US taxpayer. Why? Because if all their contractors used this approach soldiers in the US Air Force would have to go out and fight wars instead of polishing seats with their butts in posh buildings with built in gyms and running tracks.

This is not a system that is going to fix itself. If you're waiting for POGO to fix it for you, they are as much a part of the problem as is the US Air Force. You, the US taxpayer, will have to fix this problem. You will have to fix it by educating yourself and just generally giving a damn about how your money is being spent. Or you can go on being a bunch of taxpaying zombies and you will continue to be separated from your money as befits the fools you are.

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