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Jun 17, 2009



WALPIN, U S Attorney Brown, Alan Solomont big DEM fund raiser, and the Obama White House:
The Mayor of Fairbanks Alaska was criminally indicted for misusing grant money(and convicted, and sentenced for such felonies). But, he was not a NBA dunk Star.
So, does POGO have any view on the personal services run for the NBA star(fund raiser DEM party operative) on the grant money, since he is a big real estate developer in CA, too.
Of course, POGO has seen the whip-lashes of the DOJ up close and personal, the Mobil OIl drip down money, now hasn't it..? Not to mention the DOJ problems run on POGO.
And, if a White House, ethics Zar calls some one "confused and disoriented" that is a real good diversion, something taht POGO would latch on to.. Like calling someone nuts, if they go after big DEM party fund raisers.(in protecting federal funds).
And, especially if that Zar in the White House is a good buddy of the President, and
was a community org operative, swimming in grant games, in his pre White House stints, too.
When the Congressman from Ohio, Trafficant, had people run errands on his stuff, that was part of a DOJ indictment--criminal indictment.
Recall that.
Does POGO's non-profit status, blind it to being really serious, and objective about Oversight..?
Makes some wonder, really it does.

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