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Jun 15, 2009



The "Institute" does not pass the nonpartisan test, but that's ok. Who the heck does when it comes to contractors or the civil service? Far more corporate ties behind this paper org than not; but let's not slide into four-legs-good, two-legs-bad thinking. Pretty amazing the wh paper got so much publicity (unless you believe in the "void" theory of the acquisition community). Thoughtful views and data from contractors deserve to be digested, at least as much as, say, a government union. Institute head is a serious management consultant, with expertise in supply-chain management; he's not an industry shill, and his ideas are at least defensible, even realistic, if not innovative. Realism does not require accepting or rejecting the goals of Obama proc reforms, which are hard for thinking taxpayers to deny. It's the quality and feasibility of USG employee expansion that requires heavy skepticism and a review of prior growth bursts of govt employee numbers . The solutions anticipated will be heavily political, which is fine as long as some facts and analysis are allowed to intrude. We wouldn't have it any other way.

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