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May 27, 2009


KSBR skeptical

Why on earth should the warfighter/customers, OSD, and the American taxpayers trust the Air Force to manage this? The AF needs training wheels for a good long time. We need a complete clean-out of the wastrel, dithering generals and colonels (when it comes to acq, not their expertise as warfighters) and somnambulent careerists in program exec offices and contracting and legal who combined their talents to give us 2.5 disasters since the sorry tanker saga began. Let the AF uniformed and civilian people act as interns or trainees, and certainly as the source, if not writers, of requirements. But don't let them grab the yoke or stick of acq strategy or execution and certainly not analysis of bids. The GAO indictments of their performance--from bad arithmetic to unbalanced communications with offerors to shifting requirements in a suspicious and incompetent way--still have meaning and sting. Rebuilding AF procurement is a great idea. But this
procurement is too important to the Air Force to let the Air Force run it.

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