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May 15, 2009



Aside from many corrupt loopholes in State WPA, non will succeed without a Federal WPA.

The Federal WPA HR1507 has no chance of succeeding with a hostile Executive and Legislative Branchs of our US Government such as President Obama and Holder and Senator Susan Collins and many others in the so-called US Senate Committee on Government Ethics and Good Government and that has been in effect for the past 10+ years.


Good work POGO.

I sent my claims into US DOE IG and here was their response:

This is to acknowledge receipt of your message to the Inspector General Hotline at the Department of Energy. The Office of Inspector General Hotline facilitates the reporting of allegations of fraud, waste, or abuse, at Department of Energy programs or operations. I reviewed your email regarding "monies from the US President Obama Recovery and Reinvestment plan in NY State." Unfortunately the Inspector General Hotline has limited resources and investigates allegations of fraud, waste, or abuse, at Department of Energy programs or operations. If you
have not done so already, you might consider taking this issue to the school board of the different schools you are concerned about. The New York State Education Department is another possible resources. Below is the link to the New York State Education Department and their fraud,
waste and abuse Hotline:



They made it my job to police the School Districts in NY.


Your leading concern seems to be that the states did not fully follow POGO ideas (which others may hold, too). That's not how the vast majority of Americans measure success in most things. With due respect and thanks, POGO does some good work, but one might fear that if the public and private sectors followed all of your prescriptions, nothing would ever complete, because all activities would be about process and compliance. You need to get comfortable with the 80 percent solution for many of the things that concern you. Even 50 percent or less will do in many cases--if you want to do anything. That doesn't translate into percentages of dollars wasted or applied effectively or even caring about what portion of the citizenry is pleased or not.


Although too brief,

Great Article, Great Congressional Testimony (Thank you Chairman Towns and Committee Members) and a Great, Exemplary, Superb and Excellent supportive endeavor towards Federal Employee(s) Protection(s), Taxpayers and all and a hopefully forthcoming 'Federal Employee Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Restoration Act'.

Briefly, I have briefly viewed HR1507 (Federal Employee WPA) and Attachment with approximately 300 Supporting Organizations) which appears also as a Great, Exemplary, Superb and Excellent supportive endeavor towards proper and forthright Legislation towards the US Constitutional, Bill of Rights Protections of Federal Employees, Taxpayers and all. My reading of the HR1507 and Attachments appears to allow my case files and others to receive a new day for Adjudication and resolve.

Thank you and all for your time and consideration.

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