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Apr 23, 2009



You noted:
>Barofsky proudly reported that he got a 100 percent response rate from the 364 banks he surveyed about their use of TARP funds, including detailed information about the banks' lending activities.

>He said he hoped this would discredit the argument that it would be almost impossible to track what banks actually do with their bailout money.

The FDIC better keep track they spent four years and millions of taxpayer dollars on creating a new FDIC-banking control system which should have completed in 2007. Hold Deloitte Consulting responsible if they are not able to keep track.

Ken Huffman

The SIGTARP's first criminal case appears to piggyback a multi agency investigation of a PONZI scheme in which the word "TARP" was misrepresented as a lure to private investors. Hard to see from the press release what this has to do with the SIGTARP's mandate to uncover misuse of actual TARP funds.

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