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Apr 13, 2009



One last comment, you should equate the bank's debt to a child support obligation which means the bank must pay it or else loose all their rights like that of a non-custodial parent. Deloitte should know about this as well since they were involved with the integration of US Treasury & USDHHS systems.

"Enlighten the people, generally, and tyranny and oppressions of body and mind will vanish like spirits at the dawn of day."

Thomas Jefferson


I'll have you know that the FDIC, Deloitte, and some technology companies began preparing for this disaster as far back as the summer of 2004. It was at this time my former company bid on creating communication links between all the banks and the FDIC. I would imagine that the project finished at the end of 2007, or just in time for the event in 2008. What this means is they knew all along what was going on to happen. This was a carefully thought out plan. I will be an expert witness if you so choose. Consequently, the tax payers should not trust them with $1. OVERSIGHT IS NEEDED NOW MORE THAN EVER! We can not let them further sell us out. Those banks should be closed. There are still honest Americans working at the top of the food chain and those folks you had mentioned have lost all creditability. It is not too late to let Citigroup and Goldman fall as they should have at the end of ’08.

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