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Mar 26, 2009


KSBR watchful

Carter is obviously a heavy-duty national security policy type, with an interesting scientific background. His exposure to acquisition may be limited. That's an advantage, compared to shills from places like the Big Five defense contractors, K School, FFRDCs (esp. MITRE, RAND), or certain professional services firms. He is capable of asking great, penetrating questions and analyzing responses. Whether he can savvy and master all the parrying, obfuscation, lobby-suppression and other survival skills is another matter. But he will be different. Hardly a captive of the generals and admirals. He is capable of setting in motion the killing or gutting of such waste as Osprey, FCS, missile defense, airborne laser and other programs that need to be given short shrift. Obama put him in there to ask the tough questions, and he will. He won't accept the ritual, institutionalized dishonesty of defense contractors who thin the flag protects them. But let's hope that he stays away from Camb. colleagues, both ideologues and know-it-alls, who have little or nothing to add.

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