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Mar 13, 2009



STRAIGHT TALK: OSHA, IG, & US DOJ have failed the Country by not supporting the whistleblowers. To demonstrate to the world that you will uphold the Constitution, the new administration needs to go after the cold cases. Fire those that did not act in the previous administration. Hire someone that wants to work that has a spin. Now get to work!

Remind the world that crime does not pay, or I predict the public will.

Lessons Learned

We need to look back at pogo blogs like:



To see how important to Aviation Security such laws are and than we can sread our wings tot eh larger scale of National Security.

Lesson learned be careful on what horse you back!

C. Yee

This was heartbreaking for me as well. Obama promised that signing statements were only to be used if there were questions of constitutional interpretation.

Here, he takes a largely opposite approach, suggesting that "I do not interpret this provision to detract from my authority"

Huh? I'm disappointed, but I still like the guy. I hope there's an underlying rational reason he lined out this provision.


Dear POGO, 3/13/2009

Well and as you know I am and continue to be appreciative for POGO allowing me to respond with blog comment replies, especially in this new environment of Blog Comments. (If someone at POGO has the time to e-mail or telephone me as to why several of my previously exasperated, frustrated, impromptu mentioned recent blog comment replies where not posted, please do so. I will certainly understand if POGO thought they where too or overly concerning, accusatory, objectionable and/or concerned for my safety and health.)

In reference to this Article, I am appreciative for POGO's continued concern and support for the US Constitutionally, Bill of Rights and seemingly mandated and expected (False Claims Act) 'FEDERAL EMPLOYEE WHISTLEBLOWER PROTECTION RESTORATION ENHANCEMENT ACT'.

I also am concerned as President Obama and I presume many Members of our US Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branches of our hopefully and seemingly US Government and especially of 'We the People' are College Graduates and as with President Obama a highly regarded US Constitutional Educator(s) and Lawyer(s).

I have none of these so-called and acknowledged as formal credentials, although in part I find the Sections unnecessary, ridiculous and concerning as within a so-called Signing Statement (also which additionally and apparently there is no legal provision under our US Constitution) as especially President Obama and our Legislatures and Judiciary has continued to allow the enactment of the death penalty, torture, illegal rendition, illegal secrecy, illegal signing statements, seemingly illegal, secret, unaccountable, serious conflict if interest and/or possibly other seemingly waste, fraud and/or abuse(s) within the ongoing Stimulus(s) and/or many other US Government allocations of Taxpayer Funds and presumably many other necessary for correction improprieties and/or serious concerns that our US Constitution, Bill of Rights Mandates for Transparency, 'Oversight and Accountability'.

Finally and again as I have tried to be a advocate and as a blog comment reply supporter, I would like to again mention my appreciation for the innovative, superb and excellent, dedication and due-diligence with presumably pain staking Fidelity, Integrity and Bravery that POGO has and continues with there efforts and endeavors towards Transparency, 'Oversight and Accountability'.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Axel V. Sabersky

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