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Feb 05, 2009



Dear Readers, 2/5/2009

Much too breifly and as I previously mentioned that I am not an Attorney/Lawyer and that the partial implementation of a 5 year exclusion of the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, in my view and opinion, is absolutely and completely wrong and appallingly blasphemous to all aspects of proper and forthright interpretation of Law. There should be no imposed time limit!!!!!!! It also clearly and unmistakeably would be a knowing deliberate and intentional violation of our US Constitution Bill of Rights!!!!!

Also, the FEDCIR and apparently US Congressional//Senatorial implementation and approval many years ago of the 15c FEDCIR mandatory requirement is completely unlawful and should immediately be removed along with an abundance of other inappropriate conflict of interest applications that are well known from this suppossed Appelleate court!!!!!

My hopes are certainly that GAP, NWC and POGO will assist to correct these and/or this major discrepiency(s).

(My apologies, but really, Whats going on here? Is the 'change we can believe in' and 'get real' mentions all just a continued pack of lies?!!? ectera!!!!!

If you have any questions or concerns your well notable Whistleblower Organizations have my contact information and I suggest you contact me and/or review my previous mentions to your Entities.

Thank you and all for your time and consideration.

Axel V. Sabersky

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