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Feb 04, 2009


Gary Gordon

I agrre with John above, you seem pretty anti-nuclear. If I remember correctly, the sleeping guard video at PB showed a guard in a non-asssigned reaction position, with his eyes closed in a break room. Trying to turn that into someone who's asleep with his finger on the trigger is just fear mongering.
Truth doesn't make any money, though, does it.

john venier

I believe you should concentrate more on easier targets to hit by terrorists. Your take on the subject is a kin to "chicken little". There are many more targets that can be hit that would paralyze a city than a nuclear power plant. I find it would be a bit harder to hit a plant which is surrounded by "jersey" barriers, razor fencing, intrusion alert systems, armed guards, and locked doors than say a citys drinking water system...are you anti-nuclear? it appears you are trying to scare the public with nuclear stories than telling the essential truth about terror.

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